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Werrington Parish Church is a charismatic, evangelical Anglican parish located in the north of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. We have worship centres in the historic church building of St John the Baptist (map), located in the village of Werrington, and in the modern Emmanuel (map) church sharing a building with the local Church of England primary school. Emmanuel church also hosts the Parish Office.


At Werrington Parish Church we take the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults very seriously. If you have any concerns regarding the safety or welfare of a child or vulnerable adult, you can speak to Sue Bennett, our Parish Safeguarding Officer (contact her via the Parish Office on 01733 576541). Click here to view our full Safeguarding Policy

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18 hours ago

‪When your world tumbles may you be held by God’s Grace. When everything around you feels like it is in free fall, your heart is broken and you do not know how to pray or what to do, may you be ... See more

1 day ago

‪May you bring your whole self to God: not the perfect self you might think He wants to see, or the version of you that feels you have to hide your flaws or stifle your questions. Instead, may you ... See more

4 days ago

‪May you have grace to be kind to yourself and others. If prestige comes from putting others down or you feel like your best is not enough may you be shaped by a better story and rooted in ... See more

6 days ago

‪May you find rest amidst ruins, experience mystery amidst mess and encounter beauty in brokenness. Where others notice rubble God can restore purpose. May you be given gifts of faith and hope to ... See more

1 week ago

‪No matter how many things need to be done, people need to be seen or loose ends need to be tied up may you have peace in your soul, stillness in your spirit and restfulness in your heart. May you ... See more

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