PCC Minutes – 8 March


Held on Wednesday 8th March 2017 at 7.30pm in St Johns Church

Rev Sue Fear, Frank Smith, Brian Hunt, Sue Burgess, Michael Horspole, Phil Adams (leading prayers), Helen Tabor, Newton Kibiringi, Dennis Crouch (Chair), Robert Gregory-Smith, Lawrence Wright. Angela Cooper, Jane Armstrong (till 9.00), Stephen Bateman. Debra Graham and Rev George Rogers. Keri Morrow attended the meeting to lead us on the item ‘Sharing Chalice at Communion’.

Sue Bennett, Sheila Breeze and Paul Cussell.

The Minutes of the meeting held on 11th January 2017 were agreed as a true and correct record with an amendment ‘was agreed to look into providing persons to lead music in both worship centres.


A – William Law Lease – George Rogers to pursue several items about this with the Head Teacher and Chair of Governors.

B – Love Werrington Update – It was reported the training evening with Charlie Know had been held. .Holly and Jan were doing outreach work with Mothers and Toddlers group. The work of the Youth Consortium had begun.

C – Sharing Chalice at Communion – Keri Morrow, who is a training ordinand, presented a paper and research on this issue. She started with the history of the institution of Communion from Jesus and how in the Acts the early church carried on the practice on the first day of the week. The rules for use of a single cup are found in Canon Law (from 1547) and the BCP. The single chalice represented unity with Christ and one church. General Synod emphasised that you can consecrate many chalices but only use one cup for communion. You cannot have individual cups for each communicant.

There was a low risk of infection if silver cups and purificators were used. Research had shown no evidence of people catching infection from sharing a single chalice. However it appeared bacteria could still survive on the cup but this was the same risk as people shaking hands during the peace or dipping bread into the wine.

If there was fear of contagion it was suggested by the General Synod that communion could be received in one kind only i.e Bread.
The options to resolve this issue appeared to be Communion in one kind, communion at home, first at table to partake or single chalice for individual person only.

PCC would consider these matters at a future date. Keri was thanked for her presentation and left the meeting at 8.28

D – Safeguarding – Sue Bennett submitted a written report to the PCC

E – Village Centre – George reported he had spent an hour with Hunt and Coombs regarding the legal standing of those involved with and those using the Village Centre, He was exploring the way ahead when the existing arrangement come to an end in 2019. The parties involved are the existing users of the buildings of the Village Centre complex, Pboro City Council, Werrington PCC, Werrington Community Association, Pboro Diocese, Boy Scout and Girl Guide councils.

PCC view on Village Centre – After discussion the PCC recognised the importance of the work done in the community by users of the Village Centre complex and hoped this work would be able to continue beyond 2019. However it recognised that much work needed to be done to put these arrangements onto a legal basis and that business plans and rental arrangements would need to be sorted out with existing users PCC were also mindful of their legal responsibilities as Trustees of the church and its property and had to act in a responsible way to make any work it undertook to be financially viable and not lead to deficits in its budgets.

F – Easter Day service – It was agreed the morning Easter Day services would be held at both churches. PCC also agreed to have a joint morning Pentecost service in June at Emmanuel.

Michael Horspole presented the financial report for 2016. All PCC members had a copy.

There was a loss on the current account of £6500. However the restricted account showed an underspend of £57,000. This was the amount raised from the previous Stewardship campaign and was to be used to support the future cost of our Parish Share for our second priest. He would now see Stephen Searle to approve the accounts as our independent examiner.

Proposed by George Rogers and seconded by Robert Gregory Smith that we approve the accounts for 2016. All agreed.

PCC approved a vote of thanks to Michael for all his hard work

2017 Budget – Finance Committee had met and looked at the budget. Banker’s orders were down from £14,000 a month to £13,500. There were 115 people on Bankers orders. Youth work budget showed a future shortfall of £1500.

It was hoped that some costs incurred would be transferred to the Love Werrington budget for work done on their behalf.

Pension update – 4 of our staff have opted to stay in the scheme.

Mission Budget – It was noted there was a considerable underspend in the HOMC budget. If the committee wish to roll money over for any reason they must come to the PCC for permission to do so.

Letter from Diocese re Parish Share – There had been a serious shortfall in Parish Share giving and the Diocese would have to cut 25% off its budgets. There had been a five year expansion plan by the Bishop but the money to support this had not been sustained from the Parishes. PCC noted the contents of the letter.

Dennis reported the work had been completed on the electrics and the Fire Extinguishers tested at St Johns. He had asked for five quotes for other work to be done.


George Rogers – Licences to administer Holy Communion – PCC approved list submitted of 16 names to renew licences and 13 new licences. This list to be submitted to the Bishop for his approval. The list of names are appended at the end of the minutes.

Youth Worker – Newton reported on the honours night. Fifteen young people went on the Letton Hall house party. He hoped a number of young people would be going to week B of Soul Survivor in August.

There was a Hope Revolution meeting on March 24th.

PCC noted for insurance purposes the Macdonalds walk to be held on 31st March to Glinton.

Sue Fear – we had the first Messy Church baptism. She had met with the Head of Welbourne School.

Mothers Union were holding an event on 7th May to celebrate Baptism and hoped to connect to families who had children baptised.


1. Letter from Rev Charles May expressing concern about the poor attendance from our church at the PE4 Unity service held in January. He wondered if the PCC considered the working together of the PE4 churches important. PCC noted the contents of the letter.

There being no further business, the meeting closed with the Grace at 10.10 pm.
Date of next meeting: Thursday 11th May 2017 at 7.30pm in St Johns
Chair Rev Sue Fear. Prayers ??

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