PCC Minutes – 8 June 2017

Held on Thursday 8th June 2017 at 7.30pm in St Johns Church

PRESENT Rev George Rogers, Rev Sue Fear (Chair), Frank Smith, Brian Hunt, Michael Horspole, Phyll Adams, Sue Bennett, Sheila Breeze, Helen Tabor, Newton Kibiringi, Jane Armstrong (till 9.00pm), Dennis Crouch, Lawrence Wright, Angela Cooper, Richard Trounce, Holly Smith and Debra Graham.

APOLOGIES Robert Gregory Smith, Paul Cussell and Sue Burgess.

The meeting began with a short service of Holy Communion led by Rev. George Rogers.


1. Newton Kibiringi (Youth Worker) and Holly Smith were co-opted to the PCC.
2. The two Churchwardens Dennis Crouch and Debbie Graham were appointed as Vice-Chairs of the PCC with Revd Sue Fear. Chairing of meetings will normally alternate between the Chair and one of the three Vice-Chairs.
3. Michael Horspole was appointed as PCC Treasurer.
4. Frank Smith was appointed as PCC Secretary:
5. Electoral Roll Officer – agreed to ask the Parish Office staff to take this job if willing.
6. The following were appointed to the Standing Committee: Vicar, Church Wardens, Secretary, Treasurer, Revd Sue Fear, Jane Armstrong, Sue Burgess and Phyll Adams.
7. Ratification of Assistant Wardens and Sides persons plus all representatives. Parish Office to update list and circulate to PCC for any comments and to be ratified at the July meeting.
8. PCC notes that Sue Bennett continues as Parish Safeguarding Officer.


The Minutes of the meetings held on 8th March 2017 were agreed as a true and correct record.

PCC were asked to note the actions of the Standing Committee decisions taken between meetings.

1. This was to approve the quote that Dennis had obtained for repointing brickwork at St Johns.
2. To note the financial support for Newton in the coming year for completion of his course and help towards his visa extension,
3. To extend the contracts of Jan Lowe and Holly Smith for a further 12 months from June 30th 20174. Love Werrington Budget was noted and another part time Youth Worker job description being drawn up by George and Newton.


A – Defibrillators – Angela Cooper said William Law had been offered one at a reduced net cost of £500. As it was to be for church use as well our cost would be £250 plus maintenance. Proposed by Phyll Adams and seconded by Brian Hunt. Pcc agreed with one abstention.
B – There were no safeguarding issues to report but further discussion on policies may be needed at the November meeting.


Information had been circulated to the PCC before the meeting from Simon Bysshe. George explained that in February 2019 the lease with the City Council, Wton Church and the Diocese comes to an end. The City Council does not wish to renew the lease. Therefore all the property returns to the church. PCC would need to explore separately with Wton Community Association and the Scouts and Guides Association their requirements. Also to see if the council still intended to make use of the Educational Centre.Two major matters needed attention urgently – Dilapidations of the buildings and the car park.Proposed by Sue Fear and seconded by Dennis Crouch that we share the contents of the dilapidations survey that had been carried out and arrange a meeting with the city council for their response and their proposals to put the property in a good condition. Car Park – As the council owned some of the car park we needed to know their response if we were going ahead with use of the buildings by the community in the future.PCC agreed to set up a Working Group to take the matter forward with power to co-opt. The group to consist of Rev George Rogers, Dennis Crouch, Debbie Graham, Richard Trounce and Frank Smith. This will report back to the PCC. Part of their first task would be to seek further clarification from Hunt and Coombs on certain legal issues and trustees’ responsibilities.

There being no further business, the meeting closed with the Grace at 9.40 pm.Date of next meeting: Thursday 13th July 2017 at 7.30pm in St John’s. Chair – Debbie Graham. Prayer – Helen Tabor

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