PCC Minutes – 13 July 2017

Held on Thursday 13th July 2017 at 7.30pm in St Johns Church

Rev George Rogers, Rev Sue Fear, Frank Smith, Brian Hunt, Michael Horspole, Phyll Adams, Newton Kibiringi, Jane Armstrong ,Dennis Crouch, Sue Burgess, Debra Graham(Chair) and Robert Gregory Smith (from 8.05)

Sue Bennett, Sheila Breeze, Helen Tabor, Lawrence Wright, Angela Cooper, Richard Trounce, Holly Smith and Paul Cussell

The Minutes of the meetings held on 8th June 2017 were agreed as a true and correct record.

A – List of Assistant Church Wardens, Sides people and other reps agreed with the name of Lawrence Wright added to the St Johns Huddle.
B – There were no safeguarding issues to report
C – Dennis reported that George had shared the Dilapidations report for the Village Centre with Pboro City Council.

Michael Horspole reported that income had increased by £6000 as a result of Stewardship mostly from one off cheques. Income from PCC fees had also increased. However income was not keeping up with expenditure and there were likely to be considerable legal fees to pay in the future.

Mission Committee had carried forward a considerable under spend from 2016.

It was agreed £650 be allocated to Youth for the Soul Survivor conference.

£500 to Pat Blanchard.

£2000 payment above our Parish Share cost. This to be sent the Diocese with a request that it be allocated as a gift towards the share cost of Christ the Carpenter Dogsthorpe.

The rest of the under spend be reviewed in December 2017

George reported that he attended a meeting of the WCA. The PCC working group had met including Simon Bysshe. They agreed to approach the Charity Commission with questions regarding the options for the way forward and the legal issues as to what kind of leases would be required. They also wanted clarity from the City Council about the Car park. Once we had a reply we could progress the matter further.


Revd George Rogers
1. He was Mayors Chaplain this year
2. Confirmation Service to be held at Emmanuel with Bishop John Holbrook on Sunday 24th Sept 2017 at 10.30. PCC agreed to a joint service for this occasion.
3. Way In was expanding rapidly and has over 100 people through the house in a week
4. Summer services were based on Rockies Plaice and led by Jan leader at Emmanuel

Revd Sue Fear
1. Jan Lowe our Licensed Lay Pastoral Minister is taking a sabbatical from, the training and supervision of Christian Listeners and her general pastoral care work in the church. This will enable her to focus on her role as our Love Werrington Pastoral Assistant.
2. Year 1 from William Law had attended St Johns for a “Wedding Day”.
3. Keri Morrow had completed her first year of ministry training.
4. Spring Harvest were using Emmanuel as part of their Autumn tour on 5th October at 7.30. 300 tickets on sale for this event.
5. Sam Higgins going on a training course with CYM. Honor Smith a gap year with Crops.
6. Job description being prepared for Youth outreach in Love Werrington project.

Newton Kibiringi
1. Was holding a Family BBQ for youth and their families.
2. His paperwork/visa had been renewed.
3. He was taking a group of 15 young people and 5 adults to Soul Survivor in August.
4. Holiday Club on 10th to 12th August
5. In September more helpers needed for Youth work


Dennis providing a copy for minutes of work done in St Johns. Stonework repairs had been completed but Gudgeons on the back door needed looking at

Tripping points on the paths needed attention and Brian Hunt offered to help with this.

There were guards on the stain glass windows to be looked at and the projector needed attention

There being no further business, the meeting closed with the Grace at 9.15 pm.
Date of next meeting: Thursday 14th September 2017 at 7.30pm in St Johns
Chair – Revd George Rogers
Prayers – Phyll Adams

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