PCC Minutes – 14 September 2017

Held on Thursday 14th September 2017 at 7.30pm in St Johns Church

Rev George Rogers (chair), Rev Sue Fear, Frank Smith, Brian Hunt, Michael Horspole, Phyll Adams (prayers), Newton Kibiringi, Jane Armstrong, Dennis Crouch, Sheila Breeze, Helen Tabor, Lawrence Wright, Holly Smith, Paul Cussell and Robert Gregory Smith

Sue Burgess, Debra Graham, Sue Bennett and Richard Trounce,

The Minutes of the meetings held on 13th July 2017 were agreed as a true and correct record.

A – Secretary had received the resignation of Angela Cooper as she was moving away and getting married. Letter of thanks to be sent with the best wishes of the PCC
B – There were no safeguarding issues to report but a routine meeting would be held next week
C – HOMC letter sent to PCC regarding unspent money in the HOMC account. PCC noted that this money was still available and had been agreed it would be spent in December 2017.
D – Letter received from Bishop Donald regarding our gift of £2000 to Diocese to help Christ the Carpenter Dogsthorpe. Letter of thanks also received from their new minister Revd Simon Kay expressing appreciation stating it would be use for outreach in the area with a Light Party, Messy Church and a photocopier for publicity etc.
E – Letter received from Paul Buckingham Chair of PDBF noting that the 2017 share returns were very positive and encouraging all parishes to keep up the good work.
F – noted that Simon Byshhe and Bruce Macleod attending a conference on Mens Ministry.
G – For Insurance purposes noted that workshops for Dads and Children would be held at French Drove Thorney on 22/9/17 to 23/9/17. proposed by Brian Hunt and seconded by Paul Cussell. All agreed.
H – Way In opening times – noted numbers had increased and more hours needed to cope. PCC to explore possibility of another entrance to Way In.
Proposed by George Rogers and seconded by Robert Gregory Smith that ‘PCC apply for planning permission to City Council for extended hours at Way In of 9.00 to 5.00 Monday to Friday plus one evening session’ All PCC agreed.

PCC agreed George would prepare a joint statement with Secretary of WCA to go in forthcoming Spotlight.
PCC agreed with proposals in this report.
Briefly WCA would lease hall only but church would use it on specified times in the week as well.
Scouts and Guides – lease to be prepared.
Field – Church to retain control but VC users may use field with churches permission,
Educational Centre – if council were not using it the Church would move in for their activities.
Car Park – needed to be clarified with the Pboro City Council who owned it.
Lease for tenants could be from 7 years upwards. Church use of VC site was identified.
Use of the site – if any lettings or activity occur that may be considered incompatible with the C of E and the outreach of the Gospel of Jesus Christ WCA and other users need to seek the approval of the Vicar and PCC of Werrington Church for the activity to go ahead.
Proposed by Paul Cussell and seconded by Lawrence Wright that ‘PCC agreed the actions of the sub committee so far and agreed on the principles and thinking contained in the report. To agree the committee go to Hunt and Coombs to draw up heads and terms of a lease and to begin to draw up an Albemarle Scheme for the site. Also to agree we seek a valuation of the Scouts and Guides building and the Education Centre which reflects its restricted use as a charity ‘ All PCC agreed.

Michael Horspole reported that income had not fallen as much as he had expected as there had been an increase in bankers orders. Reserves were going down by £25,000 but this had been preplanned from previous giving. Parish Share was up to date. We had allocated legal costs of £3000 of which £870 had been spent.
Lease for Emmanuel – this needed to discussed at the November PCC

Revd. George Rogers
1. Only the Brave Spring Harvest programme in Emmanuel in September and the Monks Tale in October
2. Willow Creek conference – some people from the parish will be going. Also George and Sue going to conference on Leadership in November.
3. Christmas Services -provisional –
3rd December – Tom and Ali Husbands preaching in morning
10th December – Messy Church Christingle
17th December – United service at Emmanuel at 10.30
pm Carol Service at St Johns
24th December – 8.00 Holy Communion at St John’s
10.30 – United service at St Johns
4.00 – Crib Service
11.00 pm – Midnight Communion at St John’s
25th December – 9.15 St Johns
10.00 – Emmanuel
31st December – 8.00 Communion at St John’s
10.30 – United service at St John’s
No evening service but Hope service in the Cathedral

Revd Sue Fear
1. Summer holiday club went well and the Barbecue was well attended
2. People were getting involved in the Training for Worship course
3. 3rd Sunday in month Emmanuel services were changing slightly in format
4. Education Sunday had been held with school input
5. Confirmation classes continue
6. Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals have all taken place

Newton Kibiringi
1. His two apprentices had now finished and gone on to other things
2. Activities resumed this month and also a Soul Survivor catch up and follow up

Dennis reported
1. Elm tree is cut down, door has been mended and the paths sorted out with Brian Hunts help.
2. Draft Fire risk assessment complete and passed to Robert and the final draft to Richard
3. Projector bulb at a cost of £160 purchased and Paul Cussell looking at cost of access with tower or cherry picker

Exterior Lighting at St Johns– Dennis to ask Architect about extra cost of this.
George to ask Anna Spriggs regarding extending Ashes burial site.

There being no further business, the meeting closed with the Grace at 9.35 pm.
Date of next meeting: Thursday 9th November 2017 at 7.30pm in St John’s
Chair – Dennis Crouch
Prayers – Newton Kibiringi

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