PCC Minutes – 11 January 2018

Held on Thursday 11th January 2018 at 7.30pm in St Johns Church

Rev George Rogers (Chair), Rev Sue Fear (prayers), Frank Smith, Brian Hunt, Michael Horspole, Newton Kibiringi, Dennis Crouch, Sheila Breeze, Lawrence Wright, Debra Graham, Sue Burgess (from 8.00), Sue Bennett and Richard Trounce

Paul Cussell, Robert Gregory Smith, Phyll Adams, Jane Armstrong, Helen Tabor and Holly Smith

The Minutes of the meetings held on 9th November 2017 were agreed as a true and correct record with the amendment to the Treasurers report to read ‘Deficits would come from our reserves which were now decreasing and PCC were told this was not sustainable in the future’.

A – Fire Risk Assessment – ongoing with Robert Gregory Smith
B – Exterior Lights at St Johns – ongoing with Dennis Crouch.
C – Ashes Burial site extension – ongoing.
D – Village Centre complex – This was still ongoing with Hunt and Coombs. PCC were concerned at the length of time this was taking.
E – William Law lease – ongoing work with Hunt and Coombs
F – Safeguarding – Sue Bennett was looking at Job descriptions for all volunteers over the next 12 months. She was also looking at communication and social media use by church members generally.
G – Way In opening times – Pboro council not in favour of extending opening times. We could consider applying for more time but any objections from neighbours could adversely affect the application.
H – Other Matters – Plan of the cross to be made by Rod Boulton shown to PCC. Thanks were also expressed to Anne and Sarah in the office for their work in understanding the implications of the new Data Protection Act,

FINANCE REPORT papers on 2017 year end and 2018 Budget given to PCC
Michael Horspole reported that the end of year 2017 the deficit was likely to be £22,000.
Income was as budgeted but Youth worker income was slightly down. We needed an Independent examiner for the 2017 accounts.
The 2018 budget approved by the Finance Committee showed a Parish Share increase of £5000 and an expected deficit of £34,371. One PCC member wondered whether we should be running a deficit or should we try and balance the budget. Some discussion took place on this including whether a Gift Day was needed.
However it was pointed out we had a large increase in giving several years ago when we were appointing a second priest. The excess money from that was held in reserve and used to help to pay for the cost of this. Thus our 2018 ‘deficit’ would come from those reserves. However in 2018 we needed to rebuild those dwindling reserves urgently in order to balance our budgets.
Proposed by Michael Horsepole and seconded by Brian Hunt ‘that the PCC accept the 2018 budget as approved by the Finance Committee’ PCC agreed.

Revd George Rogers

1. Minister in Secular employment (MSE) – Rev Sue Fear – declaration of interest in this item.
PCC had received a paper from George explaining that Rev Kevin Fear had finished his 4 years curates training and he would be able to come and work as an honorary MSE in this parish. The Bishop had approved this and would be willing to Licence Kevin to this position subject to PCC agreement. There would be no extra increase in Parish Share and because Kevin was working full time and we were only expected to cover the routine expenses of his work.
After discussion it was proposed by Lawrence Wright and seconded by Sue Bennett that ‘PCC accept this proposal and ask the Bishop to licence Rev Kevin Fear as an honorary MSE to work in this parish’ All PCC agreed.

2. Parochial Fees – (paper to PCC) – It was agreed that the fee for Funerals should be divided 80% to retired minister taking service and 20% to the Diocese (DBF)’ Other retired Clergy fees to be discussed at the March PCC.

3. Willow Creek – George reflected that on his recent visit work had been done on Dignity, Hope and Transformation and the practical outworking of these values

4. Little Footsteps would be finishing in June as nobody had offered to take it over.

Revd Sue Fear
1. She had contact with all the children in the local primary schools over the Christmas period. Work will schools was continue this term with many opportunities for them to visit St Johns.

Newton Kibiringi
1. 16 young people were going to Letton Hall with Crops in February.

2. Young people were being encouraged to go to Soul Survivor in the summer

3. Honours night would take place in late January.

4. Planning a Good Friday witness outside the Werrington Centre.

Dennis reported

1. ongoing work with Church bell. PCC agreed that Dennis get quotations for cost of repair

2. Key holder training was almost complete. War memorial plaques had been completed. Radio mike had been sorted, PAT testing at St Johns had been completed and Fire extinguishers inspected,
There being no further business, the meeting closed with the Grace at 9.45 pm.

Date of next meeting: Thursday 8th March 2018 at 7.30pm in St Johns

Chair – Debbie Graham
Prayers – Lawrence Wright
Apologies – Sheila Breeze and Rev Sue Fear

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