PCC Minutes – 8 March 2018

Held on Thursday 8th March 2018 at 7.30pm in St Johns Church

Rev George Rogers (Chair), Frank Smith, Brian Hunt, Michael Horspole, Newton Kibiringi, Dennis Crouch, Lawrence Wright(prayers), Paul Cussell, Robert Gregory Smith, Phyll Adams, Jane Armstrong, Helen Tabor, Holly Smith, Sue Bennett and Richard Trounce

Rev Sue Fear, Sheila Breeze, Debra Graham, Sue Burgess
Lawrence Wright led the PCC in a time of prayer.

The Minutes of the meetings held on 11th January 2018 with the amendment that Helen Tabor and Holly Smith were present at the meeting were agreed as a true and correct record.


A – Fire Risk Assessment – ongoing with Robert Gregory Smith and Wardens at St Johns

B – Exterior Lights at St Johns – ongoing with Dennis Crouch.

C – Ashes Burial site extension – ongoing.

D – Village Centre complex – George Rogers and the PCC working party has met with representatives of the WCA and gave them a copy of the Heads of terms lease (PCC also had a copy), There were various questions about use of the centre in the discussions. The biggest area of concern was the state of the Village hall regarding the heating and various other essential repairs which the WCA had reported to the city council who were expected under the terms of the lease to leave the premises in a good state of repair by February 2019. It was noted by PCC members that we had a common aim with the WCA in urging the city council to attend to the issues that were raised in the dilapidations reports which we had commisioned and a copy had already been given to the council. The issue of the car park area which was owned by the council needed to be sorted before leases could be agreed,

The issue of the Barn had also come up in a letter from the council.

It was agreed that further conversations with the council were needed and George would approach Bill Tiller from the council.
PCC had a short time of prayer for wisdom and guidance about the issue

E – William Law lease – ongoing work with Hunt and Coombs

F – Safeguarding – Sue Bennett was looking at Job descriptions and Social media. She had met the Diocesan Safeguarding Officer and had also completed a safeguarding audit.

G – Way In – incident recorded of an issue with a neighbour about parking

H – Other Matters – the cross made by Rod Boulton was about to be erected in the churchyard

I – Retired Clergy fees – Letter received from Sue Burgess. PCC agreed to look at the issue next meeting.

FINANCE REPORT 2017 year end 2018 Budget papers given to PCC

Michael Horspole reported that at the end of year 2017 the deficit was £18,000.
Proposed by Lawrence Wright and seconded by Richard Trounce that we approve the 2017 accounts with thanks to Michael. All PCC agreed.

An Independent examiner for the 2017 accounts would soon be appointed.

The 2018 budget was basically on track and we had been left a legacy of £1000. Youth Worker giving was £40 a month lower than last year at this time.

Revd George Rogers

There were the ongoing services at this time plus Baptisms and Funerals

Newton Kibiringi

1. 16 young people went to Letton Hall with Crops in February and had a great time.

2. Some mentoring now taking place at Ken Stimpson.

3 PCC approved for Insurance purposes the Walk to Peakirk on 25th March, the Love to Love outside Tesco’s Werrington on Good Friday, Visit to Soul Survivor in August and also Holiday Club.

4 List was enclosed for PCC members of activities to note for Insurance purposes,
Family Fun Day Welbourne (12th April), After School Club Welbourne (Tuesdays till 24th May)
Parenting Course Welbourne School ( Wednesdays till 9th May).
Parents and Carers coffee mornings Wton Primary School (Wednesdays till 23rd May)
Trip to Skegness (Wednesday 1st August), Family Fun day Welbourne (Friday 17th August)
Keep Fit Group Welbourne (Thursdays till 29th March.
These were noted and approved by PCC.

Dennis reported

1. Ongoing work with Church bell. He was still waiting for a quote. Church door also needed painting.

2. Sound desk had been sent away for repair. Cost approx. £150

3. All 3 speakers in the chancel were broken. Repairs and brackets to be £280 approx.

4. PCC agreed to buy a scaffold tower up to £500. The cost to come from the Miss Smiths legacy.

5. For Emmanuel a new laptop with Easy Worship installed and Microsoft Office was needed. Cost approx. £500. Proposed by Sue Bennett and seconded by Paul Cussell that this be paid out of the £1000 legacy. PCC agreed.

GDPR – Papers from Parish Office re new Data Protection Act.
Anne Wells had researched the issues and had proposals for PCC. After discussion PCC accepted the proposals in the paperwork but wished the website to contain an address book of members. They were happy that the site was password protected so only users from the church would have access. If users misused the information they agreed that anyone doing this would have their access withdrawn. It was agreed that the Stewardship form for people to sign to receive information would have the word ‘annual, removed.

It was agreed paper copies would be restricted to Vicar and clergy working in the parish, Youth Worker, Parish Office, Staff at Way In, Wardens, and Stewardship Officer when needed. Any others need approval of PCC.
Some concern was expressed about those who did not access to the internet but it was pointed out those who needed information about members should contact the Parish Office.

Proposed by Paul Cussell and seconded by Robert Gregory Smith that ‘PCC accept the report on GDPR and include the PCC decisions above’

All PCC agreed with thanks to Anne for her hard work.

Letter received from Judy Bunten retiring from moving our bins. George to send letter of thanks and Parish Office will make new arrangements for the bins.

There being no further business, the meeting closed with the Grace at 9.50 pm.

Date of next meeting: AGM on Wednesday 25th April at 7.30pm at Emmanuel
PCC members for re-election are Phyll Adams, Sue Burgess, Brian Hunt and Church Wardens. Also spare place with Angela Cooper’s resignation. There are also lots of vacant places from previous years as well.

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