PCC Minutes – 7 June 2018

Thursday 7th June 2018 at 7.30 p.m. at St John’s Church

The meeting started with a short service of Holy Communion, led by Rev Sue Fear

PRESENT: Rev George Rogers (chair), Rev Sue Fear, Richard Trounce, Mark Tabor, Sue Burgess, Michael Horspole, Paul Cussell, Lawrence Wright, Jane Armstrong, Newton Kibiringi, Brian Hunt, Dennis Crouch, Sue Bennett

APOLOGIES: Holly Smith, Robert Gregory-Smith, Sheila Breeze, Frank Smith, Helen Tabor

CO-OPTIONS ONTO PCC: it was agreed unanimously to co-opt Newton Kibiringi, Holly Smith and Debbie Graham onto the PCC

VICE CHAIRPERSONS: Rev Sue Fear, Mark Tabor, Dennis Crouch (proposed by Lawrence Wright, seconded by Paul Cussell, all in favour)
PCC SECRETARY: Frank Smith (proposed by Sue Burgess, seconded by Dennis Crouch, agreed with 2 abstentions)
PCC TREASURER: Michael Horspole (proposed by Paul Cussell, seconded by Rick Trounce, all in favour)
ELECTORAL ROLE OFFICER: Anne Wells to be asked (nb she has been asked since the meeting and has agreed)
STANDING COMMITTEE: Rev George Rogers, Rev Sue Fear, Frank Smith, Michael Horspole, Mark Tabor, Dennis Crouch, Brian Hunt

RATIFICATIONS: (for agreement at July PCC meeting)
ASSISTANT WARDENS AND SIDESPEOPLE: Sue Bennett to meet with Anne Wells to update lists before July meeting
COMMITTEES: membership of committees to be updated by Sue Bennett / Anne Wells
SCOUT AND GUIDE COUNCIL: George to check with Sandra Bond
WCA: George continues to represent us on this

The minutes of the PCC meeting held on Thursday 8th March were agreed and signed as a true record.
Any matters arising were to be addressed later on the agenda

It was agreed unanimously that this decision had been made at the APCM and should therefore be discussed and debated at next year’s APCM

(Brian Hunt left the meeting at the start of this discussion)
Stephen Forster, Church Business Manager, had asked PCC to consider linking the salaries of the Administrator and Finance Officer posts (Anne Wells and Sarah Painter), and the Way In Manager (Michele Hunt) to the nearest Local Government Scale Point.

After some discussion, it was agreed that Michael Horspole would seek clarification on this and present his findings to the July PCC meeting.

(Brian Hunt returned to the meeting)


Michael presented and spoke about the current financial situation. The headlines were:

• Bankers orders and youth worker income are slightly down
• It is assumed that most expenses will come in on budget
• We are looking at a potential £43K deficit
• BUT there is a pattern for increased giving following our stewardship campaigns
• Stewardship Sunday is 8th July
• Packs will be going out by email
• It was agreed to ask for pledges to be returned by 15th July, or 22nd July at the latest
• Pledges would be acknowledged, received and blessed at all services on 15th and 22nd July

There was clarification, following a query, that the post of “Love Werrington Part-Time Youth Worker” will be funded from a separate budget, and has been approved by the “Love Werrington” management committee.

The HOMC (Home and Overseas Mission Committee) budget was submitted.

Discussions around this item are presented as a separate set of confidential minutes

(Jane Armstrong left the meeting at 9.25)
(Brian Hunt left the meeting at 9.55)

The annual Safeguarding Self-Audit has been submitted to the Diocese.

Work on job descriptions is on-going.


• Screen around the sound desk at St John’s: it was agreed that Dennis Crouch and Robert Gregory-Smith would look into the safety aspects of the sound desk
• There was a request that, when sending out the PCC agenda, all relevant attachments including the previous minutes be included in that email.
• The PCC unanimously approved, for insurance purposes, (i) the church having a stand at the Werrington Carnival on 23rd June and (ii) Bruce Macleod’s next “dads and kids” event on the weekend of 20th July

Rev George Rogers:

• A letter of thanks has been sent to Rod Boulton, for making the new cross at St John’s, and to Rod’s neighbour for his help in putting the cross up.
• We have received a letter of thanks from The Well Counselling Group, who have been using the Way In for some of their meetings.
• We have received a letter from Peterborough City Council about the disabled parking spaces outside St John’s. There is a right to appeal by 30.6.18 – Rev Sue Fear agreed to do this on behalf of PCC.
• The sponsor licence renewal for Newton Kibiringi, valid for 4 years, has been approved.
• Thanks to Christine Davies and the Banner Group for the stunning new banners at St John’s.
• Proposed by Rev George Rogers, seconded by Lawrence Wright, PCC agreed to ask the Bishop to licence Dave Luland as a Lay Pastoral Minister in the parish. Agreed with 1 abstention.

Newton Kibiringi:

• Asked for approval for LOUD to go to Activity World on 15th June – agreed unanimously.

Dennis Crouch:

• Will circulate Warden’s report.

There being no further business, the meeting closed with the Grace at 10.15 p.m.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Thursday 19th July at 7.30 p.m. at St John’s (please note this is the 3rd Thursday and not our usual 2nd Thursday).

Dennis Crouch to chair – Sue Burgess to lead prayers.

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