PCC Minutes – 9 November 2017

Held on Thursday 9th November 2017 at 7.30pm in St Johns Church

Rev George Rogers, Rev Sue Fear, Frank Smith, Brian Hunt, Michael Horspole, Newton Kibiringi (prayers), Dennis Crouch(Chair), Sheila Breeze, Lawrence Wright, Paul Cussell ,Robert Gregory Smith from 8.05), Debra Graham, Sue Bennett and Richard Trounce,

Phyll Adams, Jane Armstrong, Helen Tabor, Holly Smith, Sue Burgess,

The Minutes of the meetings held on 14th September 2017 were agreed as a true and correct record.


A – HOMC – PCC noted that the committee would be spending the remaining £8000 in their 2017 budget during December

B – Fire Risk Assessment – ongoing with Robert Gregory Smith

C – Exterior Lights at St Johns – ongoing with Dennis Crouch and possible faculty needed

D – Ashes Burial site extension – ongoing with need to check original faculty to see original number of spaces involved.

E – Village Centre complex – George had met with Anna Spriggs from Hunt and Coombs. She was preparing lease heads of terms for WCA and Scouts and Guides.

We were seeking valuations for Scout and Guide building and Educational Centre for purposes of the charity and Albemarle scheme.

Car park owned by council and ongoing discussion about church having to maintain this.

Dilapidation costs survey – Cheque expected from Council for this. Part of this to be refunded to WCA.

F – William Law lease – ongoing work with Hunt and Coombs

G – Safeguarding Parish Audit – Sue Bennett presented this written report which all PCC had a copy. There was a monthly meeting with the safeguarding group and regular meetings with office staff. Church was compliant with all rules and regulations.

All PCC agreed that we adopt the C of E Bishops Safeguarding policy.

Work was still needed on job descriptions for volunteers. This was ongoing

H – Way In opening times – ongoing with letter to council

I – Projector bulb at St Johns now replaced. Access to this had been made easier.

Michael Horspole reported that the end of year deficit was likely to be £23,000 and not £41,000 as previously thought.
Standing orders and cash collections were on target. The 2018 deficit was likely to be £32,000. and the Finance Committee would meet in December to plan the 2018 Budget. Deficits would come from our reserves which were now decreasing


Revd George Rogers

1. Cash Collections at Christmas – proposed they go to SU and Pat Blanchard in Peru. PCC agreed.

2. Love Werrington and Youth Work – Carol Kettle be paid for 4 hours work per week split equally between the two and half paid by Love Werrington and other by Youth Work budget. PCC agreed

3. Wooden Cross in Churchyard had fallen apart. Rob Boulton had offered to rebuild with air dried oak beams for £325 as cost of materials . PCC agreed with a letter of thanks to Rob and money to come from Miss Smith fund.

4. Gift from estate of father of Richard Sharman for 2 radio mikes and receivers for Emmanuel. Letter of thanks to Richard.

5. St Johns 3rd Sunday morning service – George was working with a small group to rethink these services

Revd Sue Fear

1. Emmanuel morning 3rd Sunday – more young people who had been trained by the team were taking these services

2. Local schools – Year one were visiting the church. Year 5 and 6 were coming for communion.

3. Messy Church – numbers were increasing

Newton Kibiringi

1. Five young people had gone to the Letton Hall house party with Crops.

2. Young people had attended a Soul Survivor celebration

3. Christmas drama on 17th December

4. Growth in numbers attending. Mentoring begun at Ken Stimson with Crops

5. Training for new volunteers begins at Barn on 18th November.

Dennis reported

1. Door had been painted and shelf for wine storage.

2. Boiler had been inspected.

3. PCC agreed we get somebody to look at and sort out the problems with the church bell .

4. Key holder training to be held at Emmanuel

Foundation Governor at William Law Academy – PCC agreed to approve the name of Anna Overall. Proposed by George Rogers and seconded by Sue Bennett

There being no further business, the meeting closed with the Grace at 9.45 pm.
Date of next meeting: Thursday 11th January 2018 at 7.30pm in St Johns
Chair – Revd George Rogers
Prayers – Revd Sue Fear

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