PCC Minutes – 13 September 2018

Held on Thursday 13th September 2018 at 7.30pm in St Johns Church

Rev Canon George Rogers (prayers), Frank Smith, Brian Hunt, Michael Horspole, Newton Kibiringi, Dennis Crouch, Lawrence Wright, Paul Cussell, Sue Bennett, Mark Tabor, Rev Sue Fear (chair), Rev. Kevin Fear, Jane Armstrong and Holly Smith,

Sue Burgess, Richard Trounce, Sheila Breeze, Robert Gregory Smith and Helen Tabor.

Revd Canon George Rogers led the PCC in a time of prayer.

The Minutes of the meetings held on 19th July 2018 were agreed as a true and correct record with the
following amendment.

Under item D – church bells. Revd Kevin Fear raised the issue that the PCC as clients for this work under CDM regulations had specific and quite onerous duties the risk of which could easily be mitigated through the appointment of the scaffolder as the Principal Designer and the Principal Contractor. PCC needed to pass a motion to demonstrate, if needed, that we were both aware of our legal obligations and that we had taken appropriate action to mitigate any risk. The PCC unanimously passed the following motion that ‘the PCC believe that the scaffolder be appointed as the Principal Contractor and the Principal
Designer to be confirmed by the Architect’.

It was also noted that the St Johns Church cleaning would now take place on October 20th


D – Church Bells – Dennis presented paperwork from Gillett and Johnston and said the work on the bells were progressing slowly but the scaffolding would need to stay up longer at an extra £60 a week. He had the steelwork painted for £135 while the bell work was going on. He estimated the cost for the bell work would be £4470 plus £2500 plus vat for scaffolding. He had spoken with Kevin Fear who had telephoned the contractor who confirmed he would accept the appointment of Principal Contractor and Principal Designer for the work without any adjustment to the contract.

E – Staff Salary increases – dealt with under Treasurers Report

F – Disabled Car Parking Space at St Johns – council had rejected our objections. They would take one space either side of the road entrance to the houses behind St Johns. George would seek to allocate another disabled space in the parking bay.

G – Safeguarding – Sue Bennett reported ongoing work and was looking at some in house training.

H – Holiday Club – Thanks to be recorded to Sue and Jan Lowe for all their hard work covering Holiday Club. Thanks to be recorded to Anne Wells for all her hard work in administration over safeguarding.


Frank Smith reported that the Diocesan Parish Share collection rate was 88% at the moment compared to 94% at the same time a year ago. Next Deanery Synod in October would be on Mission.


A lengthy discussion took place on this item.

1. WCA Lease – George had circulated a document on our comments on the proposed Heads of Terms Lease and the response from the WCA. PCC discussed our responses to the WCA regarding Rent, Lease break clauses, policy on usage, and various other clauses. PCC agreed to remove any items relating to the field from the lease. Also to put Mothers Union in Thursday afternoon usage. To also modify proportion of time Church will use the centre. These replies would then be sent to WCA for their response.

Scouts and Guides heads of terms – George circulated the draft heads of terms for the Scouts and Guides building. The survey by Watsons of Norwich gave an open rental value of £5000 annually but with the field included and garage £6500 annually.
The field would not be leased to any of the lessees but the church would monitor use.

It was agreed that George would meet with the Scouts and Guides and offer them a lease rental that reflected that as an organisation they did not have a letting income stream. The rent could also be reduced if they maintained the field for the church.

Educational Centre – This was valued at £4500 annually. There were possible office spaces in the building to rent. It was hoped our church Youth Work would transfer here from the Barn.


Brian Hunt left the meeting as a declaration of interest on the item of staff salaries. Michael Horspole reported that Stewardship campaign had shown an increase in one off donations. He gave the PCC accounts until the end of August. Bankers orders were down by £3000. They were running at £1000 less per month and would be £7000 under the budget figure by Dec 2018. This was partly due to members leaving the church.

Village Centre rent had increased slightly but Holiday Club and Youth worker income were slightly down.

Youth Workers costs had increased due to course fees and visa renewal for Newton.

This meant the deficit for 2018 could be £38,000 rather than the £34,000 forecast. This means the reserves would go down from £118,000 to £84,000.

Staff Salaries – There was a proposal from Stephen Forster that salary increases be linked to the
comparable Local Government pay sales. It was pointed out if we did this we would have no control over
future increases and if we had limited funds with higher pay we would then have to consider cutting
working hours. PCC agreed unanimously to not link staff salaries to Local Government scales.
However PCC agreed to a 42p an hour increase in salaries based on the March salary levels for Anne
Wells, Sarah Painter and Michele Hunt.

Brian Hunt returned to the meeting.

This item postponed to November meeting. It was suggested that this is an Agenda item for each meeting


Revd George Rogers
1. Dave Luland would be licenced by the Bishop as a Licenced Lay Worker to this parish.
2. Joint Remembrance Day service at St Johns on Sunday 11th November
3. Had we noted in the Terrier our 4 extra communion sets including the sterling silver one.

Christmas Services – Carol Service 16th December 6.30pm at St Johns
Theme of Blue Christmas at St Johns
Christmas Day – 24th 23.00 St Johns Communion
25th December 9.15 St Johns and 10.00 Emmanuel
30th December Morning Service Parish wide at St Johns.

Parish Profile – a small group of Paula Greaves and Stuart Lidgett plus Wardens to do some work on the Parish profile.

Peterborough Diocese statistics – Peterborough Diocese had improved over the average National Church statistics.

The Christmas attendances were 8% up and an increase in midweek numbers and activities Church School acts of worship up from 17,000 to 21,000 and worshipping adults up from 22,000 to 28,000.

Parish Share over 8 years had increased by 31.8%. Giving at £602 per person was top of the list nationally.

We were one of the few Dioceses in the country to be growing.

Newton Kibiringi
1. Thanked PCC for their support and he had now finished his college course
2. Soul Survivor group had an amazing time and he was hoping to go next year with another party
3. The regular young peoples groups had started again
4. Hoped to put on a Drama at Christmas

He asked the PCC to note for insurance purposes the Letton Hall house party in October which some of our young people would be attending.

Revd Sue Fear
1. Thanks to Holly and Ethan Smith and the young people for their work at the Holiday Club. Some local food had been donated which helped the Saturday picnic.
2. Skegness trip organised by Love Werrington went very well
3. Messy Church is back and work continues with local schools
4. 12 people now interested in Pastoral visiting.

Rev Kevin Fear
1. Had attended a conference in Leamington Spa called ‘Man Up’ included Health issues and First Aid.
2. Attended Mens breakfast


Dennis reported
1. Ongoing work with bells as reported earlier. The leak in the toilet at St Johns had been sorted.
2. Extension of ashes burial space – Archdeacon had sent plans to DAC.

Mark reported
1. Summer services at Emmanuel had been very helpful and positive.
2. Stage curtains had been hoovered and the stains were being removed.

There being no further business, the meeting closed with the Grace at 10.00 pm.
Date of next meeting: Thursday 15 th November 2018 at 7.30pm at St Johns
Chair – Mark Tabor
Prayers – Revd Kevin Fear

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