A Day with Russ Parker



Bringing the healing of Jesus to a broken world

This invitation is to all involved in Christian Listening, either as a Tutor or as a Listener, and to everyone who has experience of Pastoral Care, Prayer Ministry or similar ministry in their church.  Please pass this on if you know of others similarly involved.  You will be able to meet Russ informally as well as experience the new revised course ’Growing a Healing Ministry’ hot off the press. Click here to download and print a booking form

The evening meeting is open to all, so please do invite anyone who might be interested to come then!

A DAY WITH RUSS PARKER (Saturday 1 June 2013)

10.00am  Arrivals & coffee

10.30am  Welcome and worship

11.00am  Growing a Healing Ministry –    Rev Dr Russ Parker

1.00pm  LUNCH

2.15pm  Growing a Healing Ministry

4.30pm  Closing prayers and end of day workshop

EVENING SESSION  (open to all)

7.00pm  Worship

7.15pm  Healing Wounded Churches – Russ Parker

9.15pm  Closing prayers

There will be a bookstall!

Acorn Christian Healing Foundation was founded in 1983 to support and promote the vision of a Church and Nation renewed in the service of Christ the Healer. There are three strands to the vision: listening, healing and reconciliation. Acorn is one of the most experienced providers of listening skills training in the UK.

Rev Dr Russ Parker is Director of Acorn Christian Healing Foundation, a popular speaker and writer.

If you would like further information about the Foundation, its work and projects, or would like to support the work in prayer by becoming a Friend of Acorn please write to:

Acorn Christian Foundation
Whitehill Chase
High Street
GU35 0AP

Tel: 01420 478121

Registered Charity No: 1080011

Email: info@acornchristian.org

website: www.acornchristian.org


Books and courses from Acorn include……..

Listening. Anne Long (DLT)

A Heart to Listen. Michael Mitton (DLT)

Healing Wounded History. Russ Parker (DLT)

Forgiveness is Healing. Russ Parker (DLT)

Just listen! DVD with course with  book: suitable for home groups to explore listening in our noisy world.

Growing Healing Ministry new course for churches.

All available at the above address or through the Acorn website

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