How do I change my password?

You cannot be serious!! You don’t expect me to remember that password do you?

No, we don’t. When you first log in using your username and password we suggest you cut and paste the password in. This should prevent errors. Once you’re in the next thing you should  do is change your password to something you can remember. Underneath the logout link in the Member Login area (top right) you will see the word Profile which is hyperlinked . Click on this link and, here, you can change all sorts of details about yourself including your password. What you put in here is entirely up to you. The one thing you can’t do, however, is change your user name.

When you go into edit your profile you may be asked to enter your username and password again. Yes, it is annoying but it’s a security feature.

Profile Screen

Profile Screen


Your profile screen should look something like this. The password details are near the bottom of the page so you will need to scroll down to see them.

Don’t forget to click on Update Profile at the foot of the page when you’ve made your changes.

When you’ve changed your password and you find yourself faced with the screen below, please don’t contact us. For security reasons we can’t see your password. Just click on one of the Lost your password links and the system will send you a new one (12 random characters like the original)

Lost Password Screen






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