PCC Minutes – 4 December 2014

Held on Thursday 4th December 2014 at 7.30pm at Emmanuel

Revd George Rogers (Chair). Lawrence Wright, Frank Smith, Michael Horspole, Sue Burgess, Peter Dalrymple, Colin Moore, Sue Bennett, Newton Kibiringi, Sheila Breeze, , Robert Gregory Smith and Steve Makin
Apologies Paul Cussell, Phyll Adams, Ros Haycock and Revd Sue Fear

The Minutes of the meeting held on 9th October 2014 were agreed as a true and correct record


1. HOMC – PCC had agreed at the October meeting to ask the HOMC to fund the whole cost of the bibles for William Law pupils in Year 3. This has not been completed yet.

2. Portable Communion Set – had now arrived and was in use.

3. Way In – the shortlist for a temporary second worker had not been processed yet.  Mrs Carrie Trounce had agreed to carry on for 11 hours a week as a temporary measure.

4. Cleaning of Church Gutters – Lawrence Wright would obtain costs for this work

5. PCC membership – There had been several members resigning from the PCC. It was agreed members should prayerfully seek out church members who might be interested. They could be co-opted onto the PCC and enhance the gifts of others already on the PCC, Names to be submitted to George for consideration before a formal approach is made.


Michael Horspole presented the accounts up to the end of October 2014

He reported that with the present income and expenditure the end of year deficit was likely to be £10,000.

Standing orders and cheques were slightly up as a result of Stewardship but PCC fees were dramatically down, Income included some Diocesan grants but our ‘cash’ reserves were down again from £35,000 to £32,000. As responsible trustees for a budget of our size we were expected to hold ‘cash reserves’ of £80,000. We therefore needed to set a budget for 2015 to achieve at least a £10,000 surplus.

Budget Committee Report and Budget 2015

There were extensive discussions among PCC members about the various options and proposals.

PCC agreed that the discussion and debate on these matters are restricted information to PCC members only and further details of the way forward will be released at a later date.

After meeting the Discovery Group at 8.52pm PCC listened to their report.  When the Discovery Group had left the meeting at 9.32pm  PCC continued their discussion on the Budget.

PCC agreed that they would be setting a credit budget for 2015 including an aspiration of funding a second Priest in the Parish to assist George Rogers


Hilary Walker and David Morris joined the PCC at 8.52pm.

They explained what had happened since their first meeting in May 2013.They had looked at Spiritual issues in the parish and had reported back to the PCC regularly. After much prayer Spiritual Issues had been replaced by ‘Spiritual Development and Growth’.

Healing wounded history had been replaced by ‘Building a Healthy Church’

The previous three themes of Mission Academy, Messy Church and Mobilising Small Groups had been replaced by ‘Mobilising the Church’

To go forward the Discovery Group vision was of a ‘vibrant church following God with Jesus at the centre full of Love, Life and Hope That church would have two main physical buildings to work out of to achieve this.

At the moment we are held back by ‘lack of vision and clarity and the existence of variable commitment’.

This shows up in shortage of money and shortage of church members willing to give their gifts and talents to the Body of Christ and its ministry.

In order to move forward to achieve this we need not one but two assistant priests, so that under George’s overall control and guidance, each centre has a pastoral leader to care for and galvanise the people of God so we are able to build a healthy church growing and developing spiritually and mobilised as Gods people.

Hopefully in 2015 this vision is brought to the whole parish in a teaching and preaching programme.

PCC thanked Hilary and David for their report and they left the meeting at 9.32.


George – the work on the new Emmanuel lease with the school was still ongoing.

The Refresh services were ending and being relaunched as Connect on the first Sunday of the month,

Sue – written report submitted to meeting.

She was thankful for all the prayer and practical support from the church following a family bereavement.

She had been busy with Messy Church and now preparing for a Messy Christingle service. She had led services at the local schools and attended the Splash and Worship at Welbourne. Other pastoral ministry continues such as Baptisms and working with Ros and Jan Lowe. She is reaching the end of Curates training and from January 2015 will begin to look for a permanent post as assistant priest during the year.

There being no further business, the meeting closed with the Grace at 10.05 pm.

Date of next meeting: Thursday 15th January 2015 at 7.30pm at St Johns
Chair –Revd George Rogers
Prayer – Robert Gregory Smith

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