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Werrington Parish Church (WPC) Youth is a church youth program with a mission of making Jesus known, lived and shared among the young people in all of Werrington. Our main focus is on the young people in the school years 7+. We are passionate towards creating an environment where our young people do not only have great fun but also do happily belong, are honestly loved and safely connected. We believe the Lord loves the young people and therefore we are deliberate towards walking with them in their faith journeys.

Our faith motivation is 3D Dedicated in Jesus to;

  • Looking high up to worship him
  • Looking deep within to grow in him
  • Looking wide outside to share his love

We have a wide range of activities to ensure that our young people have something to suit them within their choice time and depending with their level of spiritual growth. We believe in working as a team and learning together through the leading of the Holy Spirit in our conversations and actions. We aspire to being creative, interactive, connective and integrative in engaging with our young. Do join us or send to us someone within this age group and the Lord will surely bless you. You can see specific details about our various weekly activities on the right hand side of this page. The calendar is also included on each page of the youth section of the site. The events are also shown in the site’s main diary.

Youth Minister:
Newton Kibiringi - Youth MinisterNewton Gatambia Kibiringi
Telephone: (01733) 687445
M: 07931 225598

Youth Office, Middle Building
Werrington Parish Village Centre Complex
Church Street
Werrington, Peterborough,


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