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alpha logo new175Alpha is an exciting opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed setting over eleven thought-provoking weekly sessions.

This year, Alpha comes with a difference! We will be online, where you can explore questions about faith, life and God in a relaxed atmosphere. Alpha Online will start on Thursday 3rd September at 7:45 pm. Each Zoom session will last approximately 75 minutes. Please register your interest using either the form (ignore the part about the Taster Supper) or by emailing

See what others who have attended have said

"The Alpha course introduced me to many people who shared a curiosity about Christianity. I learnt through inspirational talks, small group discussions, fellowship over dinner and the opportunity to ask questions in a friendly and relaxed manner, amongst people I can now call friends. Most importantly, Alpha helped me to develop the personal relationship with God that I had longed for."


"I work has a health care assistant and I wanted to find out is there something more, when people pass away, this got me questioning about going on the Alpha course, the Alpha course opened up a lot of questions for me and I started to grow in my faith as well has guiding my daughter who has learning difficulties, if I had not done the Alpha course I would not of met some lovely friends/ people,whom I share my faith with.."


"I was sceptical about going on Alpha, but I thought what’s the worst that could happen? I may waste an evening. It turned out Alpha was life changing and I gained new friends and a new focus.."


"I came from a high church background but never felt I’d had the opportunity to explore my faith or ask the questions that I needed answering. Coming on the Alpha was very liberating and the beginning of a new relationship with God.."


"For me, Alpha helped me to truly find myself again and find the inner strength that I needed to keep myself strong while supporting my Mum through terminal illness. I was Christened as a baby girl in a C of E Church but have never been confirmed so the course also helped me to greater understand the Christian faith, it’s history and it’s new denominations more too (e.g. Evangelism). I’ve made some lovely friends and would recommend it to anyone who has any questions about anything at all, I guarantee you that the course will help you if you’re truly willing to be help yourself.."


"I did the Alpha Course after I had been a Christian for many more years than I am prepared to admit to. It was good to get back to basics. Some will remember John Major’s 'Back to Basics' campaign back in 1993. As I was thinking about this it came to me that, for those who are already Christians, Alpha is a bit like the air conditioning system on car. As time goes by the refrigerant seeps out and, eventually, needs topping up. Just like our faith and furthermore air conditioning systems are meant to be run regularly (at least 30 minutes a month irrespective of the temperature). This keeps the seals supple and moist and, therefore, makes the refrigerant last longer. The same is true in the Christian journey. The more you 'use' it the better. This may not be the best analogy in the world but you get my drift. So, don’t think being a Christian makes Alpha any less worthwhile."


If you would like to join us, please send the Parish Office an emailĀ or complete the form below.

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