Who & What is ‘The Courtyard’?

The Courtyard is a small part of what can best be described as modern day  monasticism; an open community set apart ‘for’ rather than ‘from’ the world.

We are a group of ten (couples and singles) committed to support and encourage  each other in living a simple life centered on a rhythm of daily morning, midday
and evening prayer, said corporately whenever possible.

As a community The Courtyard is set apart to:

    • Acknowledge God, for who and what He is, all He has done, is doing and will do  for His people.
    • Pray  – we say daily morning, midday and evening prayer and offer prayers for the local community, nation & the world; individuals & families, and the needs brought to our attention.
    • Provide – a quiet place where people can leave behind the business of life and
      take time out to be with God. This can be an individual or group experience or one
      of our regular led retreats.
    • Be a place of fellowship through shared meals and activities. (Monthly Sunday bring & share lunches)
    • Be a refuge – a safe place for people in crisis to be cared for.


You can come on your own, or with a small group to do your own thing, or come to one
of our regular led retreats.

You can come for an hour or two, a morning or afternoon, or the whole day.

To book a time at The Courtyard it would help if you could give us as much notice as possible
to ensure that there is someone here to welcome you.

If you would like more information please ask.

All enquires to:

The Courtyard
33, Storrington Way, Werrington, PE4 6QW
Tel: 325228

email: courtyard@werringtonparish.org.uk

The Courtyard does not charge for the use of the facilities and relies entirely on donations to cover costs.

As a guide, we suggest £5 for a half day & £10 for a day, but any contribution is appreciated.

(This includes a light lunch and/or afternoon tea).

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